Photo by Giovanni Diffidenti
Text by Giuseppe Goisis and Patrick Bwanali

This book is a joyful legacy.
It’s being offered as an inheritance, once you arrive at the last crest/watershed of lifs drawing.
The legacy, in fact, is joy and the way to ensure the delivery is by telling a story and saying zikomo, thanks, to those who have been its leading lights.
Forty-one years. Malawi. The mission in Balaka. The Alleluya Band. Faith. God. Africa.

Bambo/Father/Padre Mario Pacifici is the one who has given us this unique wealth and assigned us the indisputable task of shifting the spot lights away from his person. Of making him merely vector, a semi-clandestine herald of this overflowing joy of life. Of paying homage to others, some, few, in the name of everybody. Just everybody.

It will be done Bambo.

Here, while still respecting your terms, we dare to add our zikomo to you, regardless of the shortness of the time we have and that is left to live together, on this narrow crest/watershed, from which, you say, an impressive landscape can be admired and on which even death is celebration, is Easter, is a step, is a definitive entrance into a story with no end.

Giuseppe, Patrick and Giovanni

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